Medication Management

Medication Management in frisco & Irving, tx

A Safer Alternative to Treating Pain

Our resources at Lewis Pain & Physical Medicine for medication management include a wide range of treatment options to relieve both acute and chronic pain. We utilize regenerative medicine and other techniques for the safest procedures and the most non-invasive results. We started our medication management program in hopes to guide patients in dealing with their pain and offer them a helping hand in recovering to full optimal health and functioning.

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Medication Treatment Options

Our medical staff is available to assist you if you have additional questions about our pain management program. We accept both scheduled appointments and walk-ins.

Our medication management involves special treatments including:

Common Conditions for Medication Management in Frisco and Irving

We found many of our patients turning to medicine after growing tired of putting a band-aid on their pain issues. Luckily, we’re turning back the clock and restoring the health of injured tissue, with the ultimate goal of reducing and eliminating the need for medications and long term treatment plans. Not to mention the potential side effects and long term destruction of the tissue around the injuries from those treatments.

All of our treatment plans are strategically designed to mask pain, not just treat it.

Some conditions our medication management techniques can treat include:

  • Chronic headaches, mouth, or face pain
  • Low back pain
  • Muscle and/or bone pain
  • Neck pain

When dealing with severe pain, medication may be administered in a smaller dose and monitored for complete safety. Even though some medications used to treat pain appear easy to take, complex administration and guidance for management should only be taken by highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists.

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Move Well, Live Well
  • There is An Amazing Difference

    “After struggling with Lumbar back pain for years, I can say there is an amazing difference. I highly suggest you seeing Dr. Lewis and his office staff.”

    - B. R.
  • I Trust Him So Much

    “I have been with Dr. Lewis for many, many years and he has helped me in so many ways. I trust him so much and he always finds ways to help me manage my dreadful pain.”

    - D. L.
  • Kind, Caring & Understanding

    “I have been seeing Dr. Lewis for almost 11 years. The staff is now like family! Everyone from the operator to Dr. Lewis himself is kind, caring, and understanding. I see NP Tracy Castaldo and her MA Harold monthly.”

    - D. L.
  • Incredibly Efficient & Considerate

    “The office is incredibly efficient and considerate of everyone’s time! I really appreciate his approach to treatment and how well they cared for me!”

    - A. H.
  • Listens to All Your Concerns

    “Dr. Jerry Lewis has helped me with my pain from back surgeries & Shoulder reconstruction surgery. He takes the time to explain everything he is doing & why. Very caring, understanding & listens to all your concerns.”

    - R. B.

Why Choose Us?

Live a Pain-Free Life
  • Advanced Technology & Techniques

    Our team is constantly finding the newest & safest ways to relieve pain. We utilize modern technology to provide our patients with excellent care.

  • Customized Treatment Plans

    Our team utilizes a patient-first approach & will create an effective treatment plan that will work for any individual experiencing pain or discomfort.

  • On-Site Operating Room

    Convenience is key when it comes to relieving pain. We have built our own operating room so patients can receive any service in the comfort of our office.

  • Experienced & Expert Team

    Our team specializes in pain procedures and is able to diagnose any kind of pain. Dr. Lewis is double board-certified in anesthesiology & pain medicine.