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Four Causes Chronic Back Pain

Four Causes Chronic Back Pain

Man holding his back in painGenerally, if pain lasts more than three to six months or beyond the point of tissue healing, it is referred to as “chronic pain.” Chronic back pain can continue even after the illness or injury that caused it has gone away or healed. 

Chronic back pain signals stay active in the nervous system for weeks, months, or even years. It can have several adverse effects on your life and to get relief, it’s critical to identify the source of chronic pain. That’s the only way you can receive the proper treatment and find permanent relief. 

Lewis Interventional Pain & Regenerative Medicine was established by Dr. Jerry Lewis to help people with chronic pain without having to depend on pain medications. Dr. Lewis has been offering effective and customized treatment plans to his patients for over 28 years. In this blog, he sheds light on the various causes of chronic back pain.

What Causes Back Pain?

Improper Use of Machinery or Incorrect Posture

If your spine is regularly exposed to stress and strain due to incorrect posture while walking, sitting, or using a piece of machinery at work or gym, it can also lead to chronic back pain.

Atrophy of Muscles

When lack of stability and strength results in more wear and tear on back muscles over time, it can lead to deconditioning or atrophy of the muscles, ultimately causing chronic back pain. 


Our bodies start to lose muscle strength in parts of the body as they age, especially within the disc spaces of the spine. If left untreated, this can result in chronic back pain.


If you have gone through a traumatic event like a trip-and-fall accident, car accident, or another type of event that affected your spine in a major way, it can also add strain on your back over time.

What If Chronic Back Pain Causes Are Unknown?

Sometimes, the causes of back pain are not related to any of the above-mentioned events, in which case, it can be hard to pinpoint them. Maybe your chronic pain is a combination of several small factors, such as:

  • Lifting heavy objects (including your small kids)
  • Sitting and/or driving for long periods of time
  • Sleeping on an old mattress and/or in an odd position
  • Repetitive motion activities

The good news is, even if the cause of your chronic back pain is somewhat unknown to you, you can still get rid of it. Many patients who have chronic back pain and are unable to relate it to one specific event do still go through customized back pain treatments at Lewis Pain management. It doesn’t hinder their treatment in any way at all.

Stop Living With Chronic Back Pain & Get Your Life Back!

At Lewis Interventional Pain & Regenerative Medicine, you’ll finally be able to get lasting relief from your chronic pain without having to undergo surgery. Dr. Lewis and his highly skilled staff will work with you to create an incredibly effective treatment plan and routine that is right for you and your body. 

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