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Why Opioid Pain Medication Is Not the Long-Term Answer

Person with a medicine bottleMore than 100 million Americans live with chronic pain or long-term pain. Living daily with pain can be more than frustrating, it can be physically and socially debilitating. Chronic pain can be harmful to your overall health by affecting your sleep patterns, trying to remain active and healthy, and even your moods. Dealing with pain daily can lead to individuals losing their jobs, becoming more socially recluse and an overall decline in their well-being. Every year millions of Americans are given pain medication prescriptions but is this the right solution?

Lewis Pain Management in Frisco, TX was founded by Dr. Jerry Lewis and is centered around helping both women and men deal with chronic pain without solely being dependent on pain medications. Offering alternative treatment options, as well as emotional and medical support. Dr. Lewis is board-certified by the America Board of Pain Medicine and has over 28 years of experience in treatment solutions and pain management for patients in the Frisco and surrounding area. Dr. Lewis is a specialist for chronic pain management for all areas of the body and gives patients a customized treatment plan outside of traditional pain medications. Here is some helpful information on opioid-based pain medications and how finding alternative methods with a pain specialist can be better for your health in the long run.

The Other Side of Opioid Medications

Opioid based pain medications are powerful drugs with sometimes serious side effects. These are a common solution for patients with acute or short-term pain for example, after an injury or surgery. They are also an option for individuals trying to manage painful symptoms from diseases like cancer or MS. Pain medications can be a great short-term solution, but they are not always the right solution for chronic pain from issues like lower back or neck pain, arthritis, or frequent headaches. The longer you take opioid-based pain medications the higher the risk of becoming addicted along with dealing with other side effects.

The Serious Risks & Side Effects

One of the major risks with men and women in the Frisco area consistently taking opioid-based pain medications is not only a risk of becoming addicted but also their body getting used to the opioid medications which then no longer provide relief. This is why individuals begin to ask for stronger prescriptions or higher doses which can increase addiction and other side effects. Stronger, higher doses of opioid pain medications can also cause constipation, mental confusion or moodiness, and even breathing problems. In 2017, data showed that over 100 Americans die daily from overdosing from opioid painkillers.

Seeking Alternative Options

The main goal for men and women living with chronic pain is to find some relief. Managing daily life while trying to deal with a chronic headache, neck pain, or joint pain can be debilitating and so becoming codependent on pain medications seems the only solution. Pain centers like Lewis Pain Management in Frisco, TX focus their care and support around giving patients alternative solutions for pain relief. Regenerative medicine or other therapy options can be an outlet for patients to get relief in other ways outside of pain medications. Lewis Pain Management also offers support with therapy groups and direct access to counseling to give patients the emotional support they need.

Seeking a Pain Specialist

Opioid pain medications are highly addictive and over time patients need higher dosages to get the same pain relief as their bodies become immune or develop a tolerance. Finding a pain specialist, like Dr. Lewis, can give individuals other options outside of opioid medications so they can live a better quality of life without chronic pain. Lewis Pain Management offers other alternative options like:

  • Regenerative or PRP therapy utilizing a patient’s blood or platelet-rich plasma to generate healing and reduce joint pain.

  • Trigger point injections which involve a cortisone steroid with anesthetic injected into a target area or muscle to reduce pain.

  • Radiofrequency ablation which uses a microelectrode to heat up and destroy the nerve that is associated with chronic pain.

  • Block methods or injections that numb the target area to give patients relief from neck, shoulder or back pain.

  • Vertebroplasty and other spinal stimulation treatments to offer patients spinal compression or back pain relief.

Lewis Pain Management has an extensive list of treatment options for patients wanting pain relief without opioid-based medications. Dr. Lewis has made it his mission to give his patients other alternative options so they can live without being dependent on opioid pain medications but can also remain pain-free.

If you live in Frisco, TX or the surrounding area and are dealing with chronic pain, we invite you to contact Lewis Pain Management today. Board-certified medical doctor and pain specialist, Dr. Jerry Lewis, and his professionally trained staff are dedicated to giving their patients relief from chronic pain by providing alternative medical options as well as emotional support. There are other ways to manage your pain so call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lewis today.